Each member of the club will choose a committee to help strengthen the impact we can make in our community




Educate members and the community about the importance of literacy for all age groups.  Motivate club members and the community at large to take action to help wipe out illiteracy and promote independent learning for all.

to gain an understanding and appreciation of all aspects of our environment and the world's resources, natural and man made.  Encourage recycling in all aspects of our lives and conserve natural resources.


Members will create and contribute to arts and education and activities in their communities by participating in the arts  and raising public consciousness.


To oversee the continuous recruitment of new members, and help in the retention of current members.  Support new members through the process of becoming a club member.


To help create a better quality of life for all those in our communities by providing opportunities  and resources to help meet their needs, as well as introduce club members and their community to "partner organizations" and other resources that help improve the lives of those in need.


We also have a community relations committee that is responsible for "getting the word out" about SWL, and our upcoming programs.  Also, we have a club members responsible for the maintenance of our website and any other on-line communication.



Educate members and the community about global topics and provide opportunities to support and contribute to world issues.  Public Affairs will educate our club members about the need to be involved and making an impact in our community.


Strongsville Women's League

PO Box 361085

Strongsville, OH  44136